Our Aims and Principles

stock-photo-12734167-people-abstract-in-palmThe Compassionate Friends is a self-help organisation offering friendship and understanding to bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents after the death of their child(ren) and fostering the physical and emotional health of bereaved parents and their surviving child(ren).




  • TCF NSW Aims:

    • Offer support and friendship to any sorrowing family
    • Listen with understanding
    • Provide group meetings
    • Give information about the grieving process
    • Provide acquaintance with bereaved families whose sorrow has softened and who have found fresh hope and strength for living
    • Promote more understanding among professional, medical, paramedical, police, clergy and teaching persons and the community at large of the plight and special needs of bereaved families
    • Establish, promote and assist NSW Chapters in their efforts to support bereaved families
    • Establish and maintain Bereavement Parent Centres in offering support, refuge, personal contact and referral for all bereaved families
  • TCF NSW Principles:

    • Offer friendship and understanding to bereaved families
    • Understand that bereaved families can help each other
    • Reach out to all bereaved families irrespective of religion, race, financial status or nationality
    • Understand that every bereaved family member has individual needs and rights
    • Help bereaved families primarily through The Bereaved Parent Centre, metropolitan and country chapters and telephone contacts
    • Introduce bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents to our Chapters which are established for the benefit of members
    • The TCF Council co-ordinates the Chapters to enable them to extend help to each other and to individual bereaved family members throughout the State